What do you do when you have fallen in love with a place that is not your home, but you can’t just hop on a plane?  (Which let’s face it, is pretty much always.) Travel blogs do a great job of sharing experiences and making others jealous of those experiences, however one thing we bloggers don’t do as good a job being honest about is the downtime.

How many times have you watched a movie, read a book, or looked at friends’ pictures and said to yourself, “Man that must be the life.”  Well I happen to agree that must be the life, but the actuality is that this life of constant travel isn’t a reality for most of us.  So, how does one deal with the downtime between trips?

under-the-tuscan-sun-profileWhen I miss Italy and desperately wish I could go there tomorrow, I take to watching one of my favorite movies that take place in Italy.

As I am watching the movie, I prepare a smorgasbord of my favorite Italian style foods.  Doing this reminds me about the things in life that matter: beauty, simplicity, and love.  (All the reasons I love travel and love Italy).  IMG_1785

I also find it helpful to  invite friends over to help you eat this plethora of food.  It is important to remember all experiences are more wonderful when we share
them with others.    It’s one of the reason we bloggers blog.  We love to share our experiences with others not only because we love to write, or for some sick and twisted goal of making others jealous.

For us, sharing these experiences through our writing and photos make them more real to ourselves.

In the same way I share all the highlights of my travel experiences, I also want to share this reality: I miss travel!  Yes, everyday I’m not on a trip I miss traveling!

But, if I was always living in new experiences I would never have time to appreciate those experiences, and I would never have the time to share those experiences with all of you.

Starting this week I will be doing just that… I will be sharing the chronicles of my golden birthday trip to Italy, but I wanted to start with the reality that most of us “non-professional” travel bloggers face… we can’t always live the awesome lives we show in posts.  I feel this is important or you may think you can’t have the kinds of experiences I share.  You absolutely can!

I wanted to start here to show this is how I cope with “real life.”  My life is not one consistent vacation, though I wish it were.  This is how I deal with my wanderlust when I am not traveling.

How do you cope with your wanderlust when you can’t act on it?


Tips on how to make an Italian smorgasbord:

  1. IMG_1784Fresh ingredients are key
  2. It doesn’t take a chef to make a delicious dinner
  3. Variety is the spice of life