Yes, we spent our second day in New York walking to all the places used in the film You’ve Got Mail.  Thanks to BuzzFeed and Jamie Etkin we had very detailed directions on how to get to all the locations we would need to find.

We started the day at the Starbucks where Joe and Kathleen both frequented but never met.  We actually went to this same Starbucks twice, and yes the second time I did order a tall, nonfat, caramel macchiato (Kathleen Kelley’s order).


From there we went to Zabar’s where Kathleen is embarrassed by her lack of cash in the cash only line.


Thankfully we were there on a weekday morning during the summer, instead of fighting the Thanksgiving rush.   Since the movie, Zabar’s has expanded into a caterer and deli, so the interior of the shop was significantly smaller than when it was used for the filming.


Despite that, this was a really fun shop, (the entire upstairs was filled home/kitchen goods and the downstairs was a cornucopia of interesting food) I certainly recommend spending some time here if you’re ever in NYC.


From Zabar’s we walked to Verdi Square where Kathleen and Joe nearly collide before ever meeting.

unfortunately no butterflies on this subway train


I imagine this is where Kathleen got off the subway during the winter because after we finished our tour we realized her apartment was quite a hike away from Little Shop Around The Corner.


IMG_9618After a few pit-stops we worked our way to the Lincoln Square Theatre where Kathleen and Frank have a conversation about voting and the importance of politics in their relationship, which leads to their inevitable break-up.

This movie theatre is amazing, it has three flights of escalators which in their entirety take a full 2 minutes to travel.  The largest of the three takes exactly 58 seconds from bottom to the top.We had fun riding them, well at least until we looked down. When I rode them a second time in order to clock how long it would take, mom took the stairs down.


 We went from the theatre to get lunch at Gray’s Papaya, the hotdog place, that Kathleen and Joe eat at once they become friends.

Finally we started working our way to the fictional destinations. (i.e. Kathleen’s apartment, Joe’s apartments, and Little Shop Around the Corner)

We took a break from walking at Cafe Lalo, where Shopgirl and NY152 arrange to meet, and Joe discovers the truth about Kathleen.  I have to say this was our most disappointing stop. The food, and service were terrible!  It seems clear that they are resting on their laurels of being used in this movie, I simply hope that they were worthy of their fame then, because they aren’t now.

IMG_9707We went from Cafe Lalo to the final scene of the film.  The 91st Street Garden.  It was a beautiful little spot in the park near the river (aka Riverside Park).  We walked through the park a bit and enjoyed the view of the city over the river.

It would have been the perfect end to a perfect day, but we had just one more stop to make…

IMG_9740We ate dinner at the Ocean Grill, where we shared a seafood tower and a glass of white wine.  The reason this was our final stop was because it was within a few blocks of our hotel. And, we managed to get all those other stops in before dinner, which was a pretty amazing feat considering we went all the way to the other side of town to the 9/11 memorial.  An experience I will share on this blog in another post.

All in all, this was a super fun way to see the city, next time “When Harry Met Sally”?  Just kidding. Though this did spark my appetite for more walking movie tours, I guess it’s time to discover some in my own city!