Wine tasting day…

IMG_0026Today we drove around to various wineries. Driving through the Tuscan country side was like a dream.  Vineyard after vineyard lined the roads. The sun beat down on the grapes as they matured.  I imagined the sweetness of the juice just waiting to burst through the skin.  The thought of all the wine that would be created by these delicious vines made the heat not only bearable but wonderful.

After stopping at two wineries close to the main road, we stopped back at the hotel to ask IMG_1326where else we ought to stop. On our way to one of the wineries our concierge recommended, we discovered a different one.  Poderi del Paradiso was a delightful tiny outfit.  The woman who ran the place with her husband was so accommodating.  She was not the most knowledgeable about wine, but there was a beauty in the simplicity of her knowledge.  She opened bottle after bottle for us to try.  When all was said and done, my mother and I purchased a case between the two of us.  (I even still have one bottle left).

We ended up back in town for a bite… we needed food before drinking any more wine.  I had the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life at a little “french style” cafe.  It was funny as we sat there in San Gimignano I heard french pop on the overhead and glanced IMG_1329over to see french posters on the wall.  It was the first time I realized that you don’t have to live in a melting pot to find a foreign themed restaurant. The funniest thing about this place was that with all the French decor and music, the food was 100% Italian.

We then went to explore some parts of San Gimignano that we didn’t have time to explore before and to purchase our bus tickets for Florence. As we were walking around the city we saw several artists and musicians.  We also came across the strangest sight, something I would never have expected to find while in Italy.  We were listening to a young man playing his guitar and singing, when all of a sudden in the distance we heard bagpipes.  Bagpipes?  In Italy?  Walking toward the square was a man in the full getup and playing his bagpipes .

It was truly an international day.

DSC_9389We were going to head back out to do some more wine tasting, but after DSC_9388walking around town a bit more, we decided we were ready to sit by the pool and just relax.  So we picked up some bread, cheese, and various salumi, and settled in for a quiet afternoon and evening at the hotel.