Okay so most of you are saying right now, “What does this have to do with food, wine, or travel?”  Well, nothing.  Nothing, that is if you are a normal person, but if you’re me and you have countless hours of lying in bed to do nothing but sleep and watch movies, you inevitably find yourself starting to think of things that you will/need to do when you are well again.  I will start working out more, I will eat healthier, I will get more sleep on a regular basis, next year I will actually get that flu shot, etc.

If you are like me at all you know these thoughts along with many other thoughts that will place the blame on yourself for why you are currently sick.  Maybe this is not normal for you.  Maybe you have no perpetual self-loathing that causes you to blame yourself for getting sick.  Or maybe, you don’t worry about it when you are sick, and just worry about getting well, like you’re supposed to when ill.  Well, whether in an effort to quiet these thoughts or simply to find more inspiring ways to occupy the very few waking hours I have when ill, I have discovered the best thing to do when I’m sick… DREAM!

That’s right, allow myself the time to dream as I lie sick in bed.  I clear my mental desk and start to organize my thoughts like piles of books and notebooks.  So I start piling my travel goals on one side of my mind and on the other side of my mental desk I create piles of travel books.  I create fake itineraries and fake maps for day trips.  This way when I start feeling even slightly better, I find a way to actually put together these thoughts into potential plans and possible trips.

After I’ve put together all my mental notes, I begin to clear out my sickness ridden room.  I gather all the used tissues into the wastebasket and wash my bedsheets.  Then, I take my travel books, my notebooks, and begin watching all my favorite films that inspire travel. And, I begin watching, writing, and reading…

That’s where more dream vacations are born.

books-1031699_960_720It is important to dream.  Dreams give us something to keep striving for in the mundane.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” As one who has many dreams for my future, but has also seen one of my dreams come true… specifically one of my dream vacations become a reality, I believe in the beauty of my dreams.

This is why I not only have a travel journal for the trips I take, but I have a dream travel journal for the trips I have yet to take.  I say have yet to take because part of believing in the beauty of your dreams is believing that they will one day come true.  And so I find some small joys in my bouts of sickness that allow my mind to create new dreams, that I can later make a reality.


Here are some questions for all of you:

How do you occupy your mind when sick?  Where do you store all your hopeful dream travel plans?  Have you ever tried to make one of these dream vacations come true?  Where would you go first?