“There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.” — Ben Franklin

“So much beer… so little time, and so little gluten tolerance.” — Kristen Arnold

This year for my bbff’s (best birthday friend forever) birthday (and mine),  I planned a surprise trip to the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Ale Trails. A special thanks to my accomplice Tim, her husband.  This trip was so much fun and full of great beer.  If you are looking for a fun weekend trip, you will love making the rounds in either city.  We spent one day in each city. Though I have no regrets, I highly recommend that if you take this trip you plan on just taking in one city in a weekend or plan a longer trip.

Grand Rapids had a nice mix of small town feel, and classy big city elegance.  There was a lot of great restaurants and a fun nightlife.

I will sum up the trip through my “favourites.”

My favourite beer tasted:  Ned and George stout, Mitten Brewery

My favourite brewery: Founders Brewing Company

My favourite food:  Beer Cheese and Freshly baked pretzles, Brewery Vivant

My favourite restaurant/bar:  Harmony Brewing Company, fun atmosphere and great names for their beers, I ordered the Lil’ Sebastian

Kalamazoo seemed like a much more industrial town.  There were a lot of great breweries, and many of them were small and the whole town was more quaint and much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve ever had beer… Literally, most of the beers were $3-$4 a pint or $6-7 for a flight of tasters.


My favourite beer tasted:  The Big “O”, Tibbs Brewing Co.

My favourite brewery: Bells

My favourite food:  Dragon Feast Pizza, Bilbo’s Pizza in a Pan

My favourite restaurant/bar:  Olde Peninsula Brew Pub