Once Spring arrives, all I want to do is go on adventures.  Yesterday was the perfect day to get outside for a little trek.

Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

The bullfrogs were singing their song as the sun came out to warm the earth.  Birds chirped at each other, and dogs said hello to everyone that passed on the trail.  Families, couples, groups of friends, single hikers, everyone decided to come out today.  It seemed as though everyone was in on the secret, Spring is here.  Everyone, that is, except the trees.  Someone forgot to wake them up.

The glen was full of people enjoying the rush of the water.  The sound was wonderful and refreshing.  Lovers just sat to enjoy the background as the talked.  Photographers and artists came to sketch and shoot.  Kids cam to play in the water and enjoy the new breath of life water can give.

This tiny adventure made me realize how much I want to go on a big adventure.  But being out in nature feels wonderful no matter how long. It was a nice respite and a good reminder of the things in life that matter.  Living the adventurous life, doesn’t require all out adventures all the time.  Sometimes these little treks are just enough, find something small that you can do today to increase adventure in your life.