My journey to living an adventurous life, has been one with many caveats.  I realize that I’ve not been talking about food or travel nearly as often as you have come to expect.  But part of the reason for this is that I’ve been so distracted that I’ve not really been eating that healthy or taking the time to savor the things that matter.

So, thank you to those of you who prefer my posts about food and travel.  Thank you for coming with my on my journey to refocus and rediscovery.  I promise very soon you’ll start to see those posts again. For now more about my journey into minimalism. I know that I’ve been writing a lot about minimalism, and though I don’t want to bore you, I want to help you understand why I’ve gone this route.

Minimalism for me is not just the idea of getting rid of a bunch of stuff so I can go off and live in a tiny house somewhere.  It’s so much bigger than that. As I said in my post, confessions of a reluctant risk-taker, this journey is about learning how to live an adventurous life and all that entails.

The very first thing I’ve learned on my journey is that living an adventurous life means getting rid of the distractions.  There are so many distractions in life that keep us from pursuing adventure, hell we have distractions that keep us from just recognizing adventures right in front of us.  Deciding to embrace minimalism is my way of getting rid of my distractions.

Today is my first day living in my newly minimized space, and I have to say, what a difference it has already made for my mental health.  Without clutter to deter and distract me at every turn, my morning began with light streaming in my window and birds singing.

These two simplicities immediately put me into the right frame of mind.  I got up, put away my sleeping stuff, pulled out my yoga mat and began meditation.  I need to explain here, that I have not meditated in over four months.  I have been too tired to get up, and too distracted by my cluttered life to take the time to simply breathe.  As I focused on my breath for simply five minutes to start my morning, I then transferred that energy into a simple yoga routine.  Again it’s been four months since I’ve practiced yoga.  A total of fifteen minutes later I was out on the front porch with my coffee and book in hand.

I learned something very important about myself this morning.  Without distraction I’m much more disciplined.  Meditation is all about getting in the right frame of mind.  When you are mentally prepared for your day, and present in the moment you can see the adventure waiting around the corner.  You will find the joy in the little things, and without the clutter of your life or your mind standing in the way, you can truly begin to live your adventurous life.

This morning I realized the joy of drinking a cup of coffee and reading outside with the sun beaming down on me.  It was a joy that I don’t often take the time to savor.  I’ve learned it’s the little things in life that bring us joy but to be able to recognize these things we have to be mentally present.

You don’t have to become a minimalist to start meditating on a daily basis, I just found that until I removed the clutter from my space, I had a hard time removing the clutter form my mind.  Now, that I’ve been able to do both, I can’t wait to see what adventures I find waiting for me.