I’m watching the new Netflix series, Anne with an “E”, it is based on some of my favorite childhood books.  Anne is an orphan child with a wild imagination.  I remember identifying with Anne as a child.  As a child I had an over-active imagination and an ever active mouth, much like Anne.  Revisiting this child-hood classic has helped me to realize how important the imagination is.

It is important that we don’t overuse our imagination, but too often as adults we never use it.  It is important to keep our imagination active because without the continual exercise it will atrophy.  Dusting out the cob-webs of our imaginations is difficult.  But without imagination we lose hope.

I hear from so many of my friends as we all grow older that they can’t hope anymore.  Hope becomes a difficult thing as we grow older.  We have had many years of disappointments to get accustom to.  As we learn to deal with disappointment we close off the mind to imagination and with it we close the heart to hope.

We need to allow our heart to hope and our mind to imagine so that we can move toward a better tomorrow.  When we can’t imagine anything but things as the are, we lose the desire to make things better for ourselves and for others.  If you can’t imagine what life would be like without debt, you would never attempt to break free of it.  If you can’t imagine life with love, you will never open yourself up to it.

So much of the risk we take in our lives is directly linked to how much we hope.  And, how much we hope is directly linked to how much we can imagine.  Imagination breeds hope and with it adventure.  Use your imagination today and find something to hope for, then take that hope and turn it into an adventure!