A poem about how adventure is created not found:

Today, a new day of old experiences.

Nothing new under the sun, and nothing gold can stay.

Amber’s hue has melted into the white banks of snowy hay.

Life is boring and dull as the dewy haze.  Then the sun shone.

Looking back I see the maze.  The adventures begun and done.

Today was just experiences like any other day,

but now with eyes open I see today anew, and what a day.


This pithy little poem I’ve shared with you is my explanation for why as a writer seeking adventure, I often find a void of struggle and meaning.  Not because I really have nothing to say and nothing to experience, rather I find these things because I am sitting at the wrong vantage point.  This is true of most writers.  We struggle with finding our voice and finding our adventure because we can’t look on what is presently happening as an adventure.  Life is too humdrum or too full to find the time to write about it.  There is no happy medium because our view is obstructed by the words.  We can’t find the words and presume that means we have nothing to say.  In actuality the adventure is in finding the words and letting them finally come together and say what is meant.

That sounds obscure so let me explain.  We usually start with a need for meaning then want the words to follow.  Like this post I wanted to talk about writers block, but couldn’t find the words to explain why I think writers block happens.  Then I found the words above, and that was the adventure that broke through my writers block.  Now, the meaning of the words is ascribed in the words themselves and allowing them to say what I meant to say but couldn’t find the words to do so before.

This is often how our lives work.  We seek so hard to find meaning and adventure instead of letting ourself find meaning and adventure in daily living.  Letting daily life be an adventure instead of trying to create an adventure for each day.  It’s all in our perspective and allowing ourselves to see the adventures we have already travelled and are currently on.  We have to let the words come then realize the meaning of the words rather than trying to start with the meaning and forcing out the words.  Likewise we have to let the adventures come and realize that they do come every day rather than spending our days looking for the adventure.